Jane3Jane de Albuquerque E-RYT 500, Co-Owner

Jane has been involved in competitive sports since a very young age and began practicing Iyengar yoga in the mid-90s as a means to treat chronic knee problems. Jane soon found that the mind–body connection of yoga far outweighed the physical benefits, and became conscious of how yoga complements athletics, as well as enhances every day life. She wanted to share her knowledge of yoga with others and is now registered with the Yoga Alliance at the experienced 500-hour level. Jane continued her studies in the field of the therapeutics of yoga with JJ Gormley, and completed Rewind Yoga training for our aging population. Jane is also trained to teach aerial yoga, bodyART, TRX and is a certified personal trainer with the American Council on Exercise. Jane’s breath and body training with Sadie Nardini has taken her yoga to an entirely different level. Jane utilizes Sadie’s method to “Train smarter, not harder.” She has an ongoing study of essential oils and is available for private consultations. Jane is eager to assist everyone in obtaining the physical and mental benefits of a regular yoga practice. Schedule an appointment with her today.

kelliKelli Carraway E-RYT 500, Co-Owner

Kelli earned her Nursing License from Bishop State Community College in 1992. She practiced nursing in a number of settings in Atlanta, including working with multiple doctors in Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery as well as beginning a skin care business. For stress management and fitness Kelli took a yoga class in 1996 and found her deep and forgotten roots to her childhood love of gymnastics. Stretching as a young gymnast became yoga as an adult! Kelli’s path has found its way teaching faculty and students at Savannah College of Art and Design, Atlanta Falcons and private in home clients. Kelli’s love of teaching allows for a deep opening to heal oneself from the inside out. Kelli is registered with Yoga Alliance at the E-500 level and has studied the therapeutics of yoga with JJ Gormley. Kelli is also certified to teach Aerial Yoga, Rewind Yoga, TRX, and bodyART Fitness. Kelli’s vision of Launch Awareness Yoga Centre is to provide a vessel for women to begin the process of exercising their spirits as a way to energize their femininity and create a space to explore and discover personal inner power. Furthermore, this discovery of inner power finding its way to husbands, partners, children and the community to serve each of us for our betterment.

Gabrielle Byndloss HS2 (2)-001

Gabrielle Byndloss RYT 200, Aerial Yoga, Dance Fitness, Barre, TRX Instructor

For the past four years, fitness classes have been Gabrielle’s strength. With each day, she learned more about letting go and allowing life to just happen. This was such a hard concept for her to understand sometimes. However, for the hour that she is instructing a fitness class, Gabrielle is able to keep her mind off of all the craziness of life. Her primary concern is to help students find that “me” time for an hour out of their day. She wants them to smile, be confident, and sweat during class! Gabrielle loves instructing fitness classes to the latest hits on the radio and inspiring students to allow their mind to push them as hard as possible. Her number one rule in class is to have fun! Gabrielle struggles with depression and anxiety so dancing allows her to release the negative energy of the day. She encourages you to come to class! Bring an incredible attitude and get ready to have the time of your life. Her promise to you is that the hour will go by faster than you know!

Jamie Hunt BioJamie Hunt RYT 200, TRX Instructor

Jamie Hunt initially began teaching fitness back in the 80’s.  When Desert Storm began, he decided to run to the call of duty and join the Marine Corps.  After a back injury, he was medically discharged from the Marines.  Fast forward – marriage, three daughters, and years in a corporate job, he began working out with P90X where he discovered yoga.  The yoga workout days were always the toughest; the founder of P90X was quoted as saying if he could do only one type of exercise, it would be yoga.  Jamie knew there had to be something more to yoga than just the poses. He found the practice of yoga brought him more than physical fitness; it brought a balance to his life.  Pranayama (breathwork) is credited to creating a more stable sense of peace that extends into his daily life, especially in his day job as a telecommunications buyer for an international telecom company.  Due to his back injury he knows first hand the need to listen to one’s body and respect where your body is each day.  However, he understands the importance of challenging oneself.  He looks forward to sharing his sense of humor while enlivening people’s power within. Jamie is 200 Hour Registered Yoga Instructor through Be Yoga with Isabelle Casey and a certified TRX instructor.

marynkaMarynka Muckey RYT 200, Aerial Yoga Instructor

The path Marynka followed, which led to teaching yoga had some unexpected turns. Her journey began in 2013 when she began working with essential oils and chakra balancing. Realizing how yoga would compliment this work, she took a Restorative Yoga Workshop at Launch Awareness Yoga Centre and soon was regularly attending classes. By late 2014, Marynka became an Aromatherapist, had a daily yoga practice, and a yoga/meditation room in her home. Disenchanted with the corporate world, she attended a workshop to learn about LAYC teacher training. A few weeks later she resigned from her job as a Graphic Artist/Design Manager and enrolled in yoga teacher training. She became a Registered Yoga Teacher with the Yoga Alliance in May, 2015. Having come from a sedentary lifestyle, Marynka tried a gym membership with little success. It wasn’t until she began practicing yoga that she became stronger and healthier, physically mentally and spiritually. Marynka shares her story with anyone who thinks it’s too late for them to build strength, flexibility, and reap the benefits of yoga. Her journey remains her inspiration for teaching yoga.


Lauren Myrick, Aerial Silks, Aerial Yoga and TRX Instructor

Lauren fell in love with aerial silks over three years ago on a trip to Los Angeles. When spotting the group called the Silk Sisters for the first time Lauren knew she had to start training in aerial arts. Coming from a dance background, training ballet and jazz at Roswell City Dance in 2008, then continuing onto ballroom dance lessons at Impact Dance in 2009. Stumbling upon a studio in February 2010 Lauren starting taking private lessons weekly from the Sky Gym training in aerial hammock, double tails, and aerial duos. That fall she started assisting classes, to only gain her own classes that following summer. Lauren’s training at Sky Gym included getting certified to teach up to level two. Still continuing her education Lauren attended clinics held by Amy Powell from Chattanooga Aerials focusing on aerial safety and aerial duos. Taking a year of private lessons with Sara Gregory focusing on lyra and static trapeze, Jacosa Kato focusing on aerial silks and static trapeze, and Kasumi Kato focusing on aerial silks, static trapeze, and spanish web. Starting February 2011 Lauren joined the Imperial Opa Circus which took her performance level up a notch including performances at: Elevate at Underground, Private Parties at Havana Club and Weddings, and the 2011 New Years Cake Concert at the Fox Theatre. Other performances include: The Creative Discovery Museum, Jazzoo Fundraiser for the Atlanta Zoo, I.S Foundation Benefit, and three years of the Toy Makers Christmas. Also in 2011 Lauren started Acro Yoga classes taught by  Todd Delaune, which included a performance at the Drive by Theatre. Now after three years of training, assisting, and teaching aerial arts and a prior three years of teaching preschool gymnastics Lauren has decided to go to school for Occupational Therapy. Currently she is attending Kennesaw State University to receive her pre requisites to get accepted into an Occupational Therapy program.

cararyfun2Cara Ryfun RYT 200, Aerial Yoga, Barre and TRX Instructor

Cara was first introduced to yoga through her dance studio when she was about 13 years old.  She danced with Ruth Mitchell Dance Theater for 13 years, and during that time dabbled in Yoga and Pilates.  After she ended her dance training, she missed the physicality and movement of dance and eventually found Launch Awareness Yoga Centre through friends.  After her first Aerial Yoga class she was hooked! She began to take all of the classes that Launch Awareness offered and fell in love with yoga and the studio.   Yoga serves to remind her of her roots in Ballet, but it also provides the mental, physical, and spiritual connection that only yoga can provide.  Cara is TRX certified, certified in CPR and First Aid, and is currently a part of Launch Awareness’s 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training and will soon be certified to teach yoga.  Currently, she teaches TRX and Barre Fitness and does administration work for Launch Awareness.  She feels so blessed to be a part of the Launch Awareness Family and she hopes that she will help you find peace and renewal at the studio.  She feels that body awareness and body appreciation are very important, and she hopes to help people find strength, appreciation, and love through her classes.


Neila Starr RYT 200 and Aerial Yoga Instructor

Neila began her yoga practice in the late 90’s after her daughter was born, but had gotten away from it.  She was excited when she heard Launch Awareness Yoga Centre opened. Neila was about to turn 50.  She was losing her flexibility and was twenty pounds overweight. Neila did not want to be fat and 50, so she attended morning aerial yoga class and tried several different yoga classes that Launch Awareness offered. Neila’s new career is a blessing. With the encouragement from Jane, Kelli and her family, she enrolled in yoga teacher training and received her RYT-200 certification through LAYC. She is registered with Yoga Alliance. Neila is pursuing her 500-hour Yoga Alliance certification with Sadie Nardini. She utilizes Sadie’s Core Strength Vinyasa style in her classes. Neila is also a certified Rewind Yoga instructor. Rewind Yoga is designed for students 65 and over. Neila loves teaching and watching her students get stronger just as she has. When Neila is not in the studio, she enjoys spending time with her family and dogs (who are also people). She loves baking especially around the holidays. She started a pottery business with her daughter. Neila also likes to work in the yard and enjoys thriller novels. Come let her be your yoga tour guide.

Grace 010Grace Stephen RYT 500, Professional Yoga Therapist, Qigong and Tai Chi Instructor

Until an automobile accident changed her life, Grace had been involved in a variety of competitive sports.  Before her accident, she practiced yoga as a way to prevent sports injuries, and qigong to stay focused and calm during competitive events.  Through her recovery she found profound healing in yoga, qigong and tai chi. Since her recovery she has been able to teach others to how to utilize these practices for a healthier life.  As a Certified Adaptive Yoga teacher, Grace serves those with various levels of ability and those with disabilities. Grace’s love of athletics remains and she has stayed involved in sports by teaching professional and college athletes. Her personal practice spans over 20 years.  As an instructor she has trained in the U.S.A ., Hainan Province of China and Ecuador. Grace has a Bachelor of Science degree in biology and has had a lengthy, successful career in the medical field. Her passion is to help others connect with their innate ability to heal and thrive through mind-body practices.

AmyTorranceAmy Torrance RYT 200, Aerial Yoga Instructor

Amy is a RYT at the 200 hour level and certified in Aerial Yoga instruction. She combines her lifelong passions of teaching and physical fitness to create classes that challenge her students physically and quiet their minds. She began her love of physical movement as a 3-year-old in dance and ballet class and that love has continued throughout her lifetime through the study of dance, cheer, gymnastics, strength training, running, Kempo Karate, and of course, Hatha  and Aerial yoga. Amy instructed cheer and dance camps throughout her youth. These early teaching experiences followed her into public middle and high schools as she worked as a classroom teacher, coach and mentor for over a decade. In Yoga, Amy found the way to create calm and peace in her mind and body amidst the everyday stressors of life.  She discovered that yoga helped her develop space throughout her life – in her emotions and reactions, in her relationships and interactions, in her thinking and self-talk – all while sculpting strong, toned muscles and increasing her flexibility. These are the gifts Amy hopes to share with others through small group classes and private sessions.