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Launch Awareness Yoga - Acworth, GA

Latest News & Updates

Pilates Reformer 5-Class Special

August 26, 2015  |  Category: Class Changes, Featured, Specials

NEW CLASS ALERT: Pilates Reformer classes begin September 10th at 10:30 AM. This class is limited to 4 people. We are running a Labor Day Special~~5-classes for $100. Purchase online to enjoy this special pricing and sign up to reserve your spot. We will be observing a strict cancellation policy of 24 hours due to limited space in each class. More classes will be added as needed. Regular pricing will be $25/class for 12-month members, $30 for 6-month members and everyone else $35/class.

Evening clients~~Let us know if you are interested in Pilates Reformer. We can add a class on Wednesday night at 7:30 PM.

Intro to Qigong Workshop

July 13, 2015  |  Category: Featured, Workshops

Have you met our newest instructor, Grace? Interested in learning more about Qigong? Join Grace Stephen as she leads this Qigong introductory workshop August 23rd from 2-4 PM. Can’t wait until August 23rd? Grace teaches Qigong at 11:00 AM on Mondays, Yoga at 10:30 AM on Wednesdays and Qigong/Yoga Fusion at 11:00 AM on Friday.
Originating in China, Qi Gong refers to an ancient practice of healing. This practice allows us to use our innate ability to self-heal. Learning Qi Gong allows the practitioner to enjoy slow, graceful movements, while using visualization and sound as a method of achieving a healthier mind and body. Deep abdominal breathing creates a rhythmic harmony in the mind, and allows a unified flow of energy throughout the body.
Workshop will cover: History and philosophy of Qigong, relaxation, stress relief, body awareness and how Qigong assists in healing the body and more!
Preregistration is required, as printed materials will be distributed. Cost is $45.

New Client Special~~$59 for 28 Days

May 15, 2015  |  Category: Featured, Specials

That’s right! New clients enjoy unlimited classes for 28 days and pay only $59. We want YOU to experience our beautiful studio community. This offer is not available online. You will need to stop by the studio to sign up. Days run consecutively from the date of purchase for new clients only. Current members and clients~~Tell your friends to join you in your next class! We can’t wait to meet YOU!

Meditation Workshop~~May 9th

May 3, 2015  |  Category: Featured, Workshops

Join Stevan as he leads this Meditation and Pranayama Workshop. This workshop will explore Pranayama (technique associated with the breath) and it’s powerful, manifold benefits. The participants will learn practical breathing skills, through the Awareness, Observation, Control and Manipulation of the flow of breath and Vital Life Energy-Prana. It was said once: “When the mind slows, the spirit flowers.” In this workshop we will address some of the basic meditational techniques that will prepare us for that space in between our thoughts, wherein we can practice contemplation and mindfulness. Finally we will discover the sacred and visually beautiful language of Mudras (the energetic hand gestures) and their healing modalities. This workshop will be held from 1-3 PM at a cost of $50/person. Space is limited. Sign up online to reserve your place.

We are now affiliates with Amazon!

April 21, 2015  |  Category: Featured

Amazon has just been added to our Affiliate Program! By clicking the Amazon box at the bottom of the page of our affiliate program, you can participate in our affiliate program with any and all of your purchases. On, you can search for and purchase anything your heart desires! offers a wide variety of items, from books, music, and movies, to clothing, beauty products, and items for your home. also offers great deals on all of these items and often offers lower prices than can be found in stores, which will be delivered straight to your home. So next time you shop, go through Launch Awareness’s affiliate page on the website and click the bar at the bottom of the page!

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