Music Meditation and Relaxation

“When AbuwanWorkshopthe body feels at rest is when the body heals the best”

Join Glenn Abuwan as he leads us on this journey. Grace will begin and end this 2-hour workshop with a short Qigong practice. The cost is $45 and is scheduled for July 17th. PLEASE register as soon as possible so we will have an accurate attendance list for both Glenn and Grace.


Music Meditation – Sonic Relaxation (MMSR) is a musically guided, meditative journey through the color of sound.  Soundwaves generated from beautiful, acoustic, world instruments act as carrier waves for intention (from the practitioner to the participants) of relaxation and well-being.

Each session is an adventure into the realm of sonically stimulated meditative travel.

Participants usually experience deep relaxation, active sleep, or visionary dreaming during this MMSR session.

MMSR has two components (detailed below):
1. The passive music relaxation session
2. The optional interactive lecture/workshop

1.  Participants sit or lie down with eyes closed while being sonically bathed with soothing sounds of a collection of wind, string, and percussion instruments from around the world.
2.  Participants learn some of the history of musical healing, practice a few techniques (simple rhythmic movement, various vocal tonings, relaxation breathing)