POSTPONED~Drumming Circle and World Music Performance

glennanthonyGlenn Anthony Music and
Launch Awareness Yoga Centre presents:

Drums in the Round,
October 16th, 3-4:30 PM, $15

Drumming is a great way for a community to come together. Every organic being in the universe has a natural rhythm. Drums in the Round led by Glenn will help you reconnect with your own rhythm as well as connect with others in the circle.

Some studies show that drumming accelerates physical healing, boosts the immune system, produces feelings of well-being and even has a calming effect on people suffering from Autism, Alzheimer’s and various traumatic experiences. Glenn leads a circle of drummers and percussionists all levels (no experience necessary) through hand drum basics (technique, posture, tones) and several traditional rhythms. Feel free to BYOD!

World Music Performance, October 16, 5-6 PM, $30

In general, music utilizing a wide range of cultural instruments, styles, and ethnic influences is called “World Music”.

Glenn performs his unique solo show “Music From All Sides” featuring a fusion of traditional and modern instruments and styles.

Guaranteed to be an enjoyable evening!