This class is designed for all levels of yoga, beginners to advance students. Build strength and flexibility, tone the entire body and end with relaxation. Please bring your own yoga mat to class. Mixed Level, Basics and Level 2 classes are noted on the schedule.

Core Strength Yoga

This is a yoga style that uses 4 fundamental principles: softening, foundation, core and expression. This style of yoga activates the deep core line giving the student more strength. You will leave feeling energized, happy, less stressed and empowered.

Intermediate Yoga

Increase strength, balance and flexibility. Throughout the practice you will work towards fun and challenging poses. Movement with the breath leads you into a deep practice. Take your yoga practice to the next level. Some yoga experience is preferred. Men~~You will love this class!

Rolling for Self-Care

Learn how to use the foam roller and balls for self-massage and pain relief.


Build strength, flexibility, muscular endurance and core stability using bodyweight resistance exercises. It’s all core, all the time. TRX® Training is the proven sports performance solution and training tool for people looking to enhance fitness and performance while aid in injury prevention. From NAVY SEALS to professional athletes, golfers to tennis players, celebrities to everyday people, TRX® offers cutting edge training and proven results. Change the way you train. You will need tennis shoes for this class.

Aerial Yoga

YOU MUST PARTICIPATE IN AT LEAST FIVE (5) AERIAL YOGA BASICS CLASSES BEFORE ATTENDING AN AERIAL YOGA CLASS. Aerial Yoga is based on traditional yoga principals with an added twist of the hammock as a prop. In this class you will explore traditional yoga postures on your mat as well as in a hammock. Standing, seated, forward bends, back bends, twists and inversions are explored in each class. Pre-requisite: 5 Aerial Basics classes to learn terms and placement of support. Some yoga experience is helpful but not required as you will learn from the ground up.

Aerial Yoga Basics

This class is a pre-requisite to Aerial Yoga classes. Aerial Yoga Basics is for aerial yoga beginners. This class will prepare you for Aerial Yoga class. No prior hammock experience necessary. Clients must attend at least 5 aerial yoga basics classes or obtain permission of instructor prior to attending an Aerial Yoga class.



All group classes are included in the group class packages. All classes are one class package credit, regardless of the length of the class. All classes require pre-registration.

Group Class Drop-in

5 Class Package (35 day expiration)

10 Class Package (60 day expiration)

20 Class Package (90 day expiration)

3-Month Unlimited $108/month (3-month minimum) Group classes included: Yoga, TRX, Rowing, Pilates Mat and Aerial Yoga  This option AUTO RENEWS. Client must give 30-day notice of termination to cancel by emailing


Monthly Unlimited Yoga, TRX, Rowing, Pilates Mat and Aerial Yoga with No Contract

Towels and filtered water provided. Please bring your own water bottle.

We reserve the right to substitute, cancel, add, delete, and/or change programs, classes, instructors and/or class types, at the discretion of management, and assumes no liability for such changes.